Gun Laws

Someone said: “Australia needs tougher laws!” Australia needs tougher laws? Voting is mandatory, it’s illegal not to vote. It’s compulsory voting since 1924. “You don’t know what is freedom if you are not reminded every election.” lol

          It’s common sense to have background checks. The Republicans always say the answer is more guns, all good guys should be armed, so they can stop the bad guys. Only problem is that statistics don’t lie. Do you know the percentage of stopped crimes by “a good guy with the gun”? In all the cases where there was one, only 3% were successful. And they know that, everyone who wants to know can check it, there is a thing called the Internet. Although, when you believe the Earth is only six thousand years old, climate change is a plot and people rode the dinosaurs, who knows. The second amendment was there to legitimate the army of Congress, to fight the British and gain the independence. Also, it made sense when the government had muskets and the people had muskets, so if the government became tyrannical, people could rise up. But that was then! The founding fathers couldn’t predict drones and smart bombs, etc. What good is your gun? More guns=more violence! If everyone bought a gun as the GOP and the NRA suggests, it would be like the old Wild West. In fact it would be much worse, but you get the gist. Don’t get me wrong, I love the USA, I only dislike the GOP. Not because of their beliefs, but the hypocrisy. Most of them are smart people, they don’t believe the Earth is 6 thousand years old, they know the climate change is caused by us, they know the country would be less safe if everybody got a gun. But the GOP is controlled by the NRA, the Koch brothers, the military industrial complex and the coal and oil lobby. So you see, you can’t have tougher laws on gun control. At least not in 30 Republican states, nor federally while they control both the Senate and the House. The U.S. of A. is really the greatest successful experiment in human history. It changed the world for the better. Most importantly it is HOPE!

Ideals: equality for all people on Earth regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, beliefs…
We are all human and we all live on this planet together. The differences between us are so insignificant when you look at the Universe as a whole. We should be working, all of us together, on saving the planet and its inhabitants (all, not just humans).

          We are killing this planet, animals are going extinct, the polar caps are melting, sea level rises, temperature is increasing…
And what are we doing, we’re on the brink of W.W. 3! Absurd!!!

          So the Gun Laws. The GOP says: “The government will shred the 2nd amendment and take your guns.” Now, they know it isn’t the truth, but they say it anyway and the people believe them. It’s the politics of fear, mistrust and hate. Just like Trump is now saying he will kill the family members of ISIS recruits, shut down the Internet, build a wall on the southern border and Mexico will pay for it. It’s all absurd and NOT TRUE! Every sane person knows that. Donald Trump is the GOP’s front runner for the P.O.T.U.S. So the 40% of Republicans that support him are obviously not sane people, because even Trump doesn’t believe Trump. He is a pure demagogue, exploiting people’s emotions and to put it mildly (unlike Trump) under education.
Killing women and children!!! Have people already forgotten the recent history?!

          The one thing Republicans got right is the thing that no laws will stop the criminals from buying weapons, they’re criminals, they don’t care about laws. But ordinary people won’t stop the terrorists with their guns, they will do more harm than good, because they all think they’re Chuck Norris. U.S. needs laws that will prevent mentally ill people from getting the guns. As for terrorists, there is DHS, NSA, CIA, FBI, police, etc. They are paid to do just that. As for the common folks, buy guns for self defense if you feel threatened, for hunting, target practice… It’s still a free country (if you elect Trump, not so much), the government is not coming for your guns.


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